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Tip Top Replacement Repair All Sizes

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If you want to carry a spare, have a tip top ring that popped out or bent the frame, no problem, it's easy to fix.  Spiralite recommends “Flanged” tip-tops due to the stronger nature of the insert frame that helps keep the insert in place for those who reel their lures all the way up to their rod tips. 

Here are some simple instructions on how to replace your damaged tip top.

  • Use a lighter to heat up the old tip barrel for 6 seconds while avoiding any direct flame to the thread wrap directly below.
  • Gently pull the old tip off with a pair of pliers without twisting.
  • Carefully remove any old glue residue above the remaining thread wrap with a razor blade making it ready for new tip.
  • Heat up any crafting hot melt glue stick (we recommend Fuji BFRK4C Rod Repair Kit) and smear small amount over tip of exposed blank.
  • Push tip barrel over blank and align ring with first guide within 3 seconds as glue will begin to set quickly.
  • Reheat barrel for 4 seconds if realignment is needed.
  • Scrape off any excess glue residue from the thread wrap area and you are ready to resume fishing!!