“The Industry’s Best Limited Lifetime Warranty”

At Spiralite, we are so confident in our engineering, production process and quality control that we are proud to offer our loyal anglers the very best Service Program available.

These technologically advanced yet affordable high-performance rods are not cheap and neither are we when it comes to protecting your valuable fishing investment. That is why we will repair or replace at no charge to you other than a $50 return shipping and handling fee any Spiralite rod received at our warranty center that is determined to have broken due to a defect in workmanship or materials for life from the date of original owner purchase.

Any rod determined to be broken for any other reason will be replaced based on the following Rod Series replacement pricing:

Maverick Series- $89 replacement charge + S&H (USA only)

Rogue Series- $119 replacement charge + S&H (USA only)

Defiant Series- $139 replacement charge + S&H (USA only)

It’s that simple because our rods are that good!!

For all warranty and non-warranty service, please email to:

    • info@spiraliterods.com
    • model number, pictures of receipt and broken rods